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Summer School 2018 – Schedule and Rates

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This year our after school summer programs for kids are available in South Pasadena, West LA and Temple City. The English and Math Intensive Summer School Programs are offered for students K-12th grades.

For younger children, we advise taking both subjects in order to engage them better during the 3 hour summer class. Older students can focus on their chosen subjects or test prep courses. For best results, take a minimum of 3 weeks and choose 3 days a week or 5 days week. After school enrichment classes have been proven to improve grades and scores.

We also have after school classes for kids all year round as well as standardized test preparation, including SAT and AP tests. English and Math programs help kids get that extra training they often need nowadays to get the most out of their early education. After school tutoring is a highly effective strategy to sometimes drastically improve student performance in school and on standardized tests as well. Summer school programs for kids are an excellent way to keep young minds active during the off months while progressing their knowledge and study skills further. Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our experienced tutors.

Mac-System South Pasadena
1605 Hope St. STE.205
South Pasadena, CA
323 550-1130

Mac-System West Los Angeles
2110 Corinth Ave
West Los Angeles, CA
818 995-0349

Mac-System Temple City
5921 Oak Ave
Temple City, CA