English Program

Kindergarten – 12th Grade

“The MAC-System After School English program covers all the aspects of a solid language program, while still allowing students to work at their own level and their own pace.”

English classes cover:




Grammar exercises complement our vocabulary skills, reading comprehension, and writing assignments that induce the student to think and to be creative.

The After School English Classes consist of weekly assignments that focus on writing skills, and monthly reading and writing projects that integrate student knowledge and critical thinking.

Special Test Prep. Courses available:



• AP exam

We also include thinking/perception activities and word games to encourage thinking.

Goals of our after school English Program

• Be able to communicate clearly, precisely, and concisely.

• Be able to read fluently, efficiently, and with understanding.

• Be able to speak with skill for a wide variety of purposes and to a wide variety of audiences.

• Be able to write with skill.

– English Programs have quarterly progress exams & conferences