Arts Program

An Art Program that will foster the visual arts for grades K~12th

MAC-System Art Program aims to empower students by:

• developing visual literacy skills

• strengthening creative problem solving

• sharpening critical thinking

• building the ability to visually communicate

With stronger visual and creative skills, students will accomplish more in their lives.

MAC art curriculum will sequentially build both skills and knowledge.  On top of learning the basic fine art skills such as drawing, painting, and sculpting, students will also learn art terminologies and history. For the younger students, fine motor skills will develop as they deepen their understanding of their surroundings and experiences.

Students in all levels will have to organize and link their thoughts onto the visual plane.  Enhancing these visual skills will simultaneously enhance their thinking processes.  Developing such skills is essential for expanding the mind’s capacity for ideas.

MAC Art Program offers:

• Innovative Projects

• Individualized Projects

• Special Public Workshops led by various artists

• Basic Fine Arts Skills

• Experienced Teachers

• Assistance Creating Portfolios

• Free Starter Kits*

*Limited to students enrolling in a 12-month contract.

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