Test Preparation

Test Prep – Improves scores and keeps students competitive.

In keeping with today’s rigorous scholastic demands, MAC-System offers test prep for a range of important exams encountered by students, including but not limited to the SAT/PSAT, ISEE, CTY and CAT6.

MAC Summer & Winter School – HAVE FUN!!!!!

Sending your son or daughter to summer education programs can be very useful in preparing them for the fall school semester, especially when the student is enrolled at one of the MAC-System’s classes. These English, math and exam preparation classes enable students to advance their academic careers beyond those of their peers.

MAC’s efficient teaching methods have helped many students improve their test-taking ability, English proficiency, and mathematics. These methods are the same ones that MAC’s regular year-long program utilizes:

• Individualized Instruction

• Individual Curriculum

• Individual Pacing

All are provided to teach students because MAC-System understands and appreciates that each student is different.

When school resumes, students return more confident and well-balanced in math and English.  The intellectual stimulation and challenge prepare students to return to school without the difficulty of students who have not taken academic classes all summer long.

Independent Tutoring

Private tutoring is available at some locations for an additional cost. Please call for further information.


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