Enrichment Program Instructors

Quality & Commitment

MAC Instructors are highly trained, qualified professionals who not only are expected of standards set forth by the state for teachers, but standards set forth by MAC-System to serve those special students seeking after-school enrichment. Each and every MAC Instructor is required to go through training prior to becoming a Chief Instructor. This training includes several hours of academic studying, hands-on training as class assistant, business management training, and continuous material training.

MAC Instructors are dedicated to preserving the quality and high standards expected of their profession.

Even after they acquire the status of Chief Instructor, MAC Instructors are expected to do homework and study just like students to improve their service to MAC students. Instructors spend hours researching and studying as well as hours sharing and discussing their research aside from regular work.

MAC Instructors are also encouraged to attend a national conference held by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the National Council of Teachers of English to keep abreast of current educational methods.