Enrichment Principles

Our staff will strive to bring out the infinite possibilities and individuality of each and everyone, bestowed by nature.

Basic Concept

This day, and each and every day, is a chance for my life (your life) to be renewed. The purpose of life is to learn each day. Humans are the realizations of love. Education is a part of love and its enactment. Through human devotion and effort, our abilities are brought forth and realized. Education is Service.

MAC’s 5 Principles of Education

1. MAC believes that every person is a seed and has infinite possibilities to grow.

2. MAC believes that the infinite possibilities of a child can be made real and specific.

3. MAC’s objectives are to motivate and train children to learn how to study and to then utilize the knowledge they have acquired.

4. MAC believes that education should begin with work that will deepen understanding and lead to creativity.

5. MAC’s educational goal is to contribute its services to the progress of science, world peace, and human welfare.

MAC’s 10 Administrative Principles

1. MAC will perform administrative services with efficiency.

2. MAC will promote itself within the local community as a provider of educational services.

3. All MAC centers are based on the PRINCIPLES and the BASIC CONCEPT. The principles are the basis of all instruction.

4. Having respect for humanity, MAC respects and encourages the infinite potential of every member.

5. MAC believes that everything is based on the value of people. Relationships based on trust is a fundamental principle.

6. MAC considers member creativity its greatest asset.

7. MAC will guarantee the strength of its administrative body by being reliable and dependable.

8. Thinking of the needs of members and their parents, MAC will constantly update and refine materials and methods.

9. MAC administration will constantly set its vision towards growth. MAC will constantly seek innovations in education that may improve materials and teaching methods.

10. MAC will exist by these leading, essential and sincere principles.