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Thousands of students, kindergarten through 12th grades, reach their academic goals through MAC-System’s after-school enrichment classes in math and Language Arts.  In addition to these weekly classes offered all year round throughout LA county, MAC-System also offers test prep for standardized tests, intensive daily classes in the summer, and fun art classes.

Established in 1980 with the understanding that each student varies with their educational needs, personality, and pacing, we have developed course materials and instructional methods that comprehensively respond to the abilities of students at every level of achievement.  Feel free to ask us any questions and we will be very happy to assist you and your child on their journey.  We keep a positive attitude with a strong work ethic when we’re all sitting down together in class. 

Our academic enrichment program, Mac-System, emphasizes the individuality of each student in order to improve the academic performance and to enhance critical and interpretive thinking abilities.  Learning to learn is arguably the most important ability, and our program has shown us considerable merit with countless success stories and testimonials as well as some awards along the way.


Most of our students find us through word of mouth, and word gets around when you have a successful after school program, but we hope this new website will help parents and students alike with understanding our time tested educational program.

Our instructors are extensively trained specialists who dedicate themselves to helping students attain excellence through mastery of the fundamentals, as well as the more advanced subjects.  Our instructors motivate students to surpass the satisfactory levels of performance with supplemental educational classes that make a difference.  Our standardized test preparation tutoring has helped many students achieve much higher scores with SAT, AP tests and others, just ask.  We love it most of all when students are accepted into their desired schools or universities.

With locations in Los Angeles county: Sherman Oaks, South Pasadena, West LA and remote learning options.

Read “Words from our Co-Founder” for MAC-System history and teaching methodology.

With the changes in the world today we are adapting to the needs of homeschoolers as well.  Ask about our homeschooling options and strategies.  Contact Us to discuss your specific needs.