Math Program

Basic Skills to higher applications and word problems. Kindergarten – 12th Grade

“Enhancing the critical thinking ability of all students”

Our After School Math Program is designed so that students learn not only basic computation but also, concepts in:



(At all levels starting at kindergarten)

The Program emphasizes problem solving – Our kids math classes require students to set up the equation and be able to explain how they got the answer. This approach has been proven to be the most effective way of instilling these important math skills.

Students start with easier questions and proceed to harder problems – This approach assures comfortable advancement. Students learn the basic concepts with some helpful tutoring, then learn how to apply it in more complex problems.

Daily Home work – Which averages 30 minutes/day, leads to student synthesis and application. It assures mastery of concepts and skills which may be easily forgotten without enough practice.

Our After School Math Program fosters in students the academic and personal pride that follows hard work and achievement.

– Math Programs have quarterly progress exams & conferences