Words from our Co-Founder

Words from our MAC-System Co-founder

As the mother of two daughters, one of my chief concerns has been how to provide them with the best possible education. Years back, I realized the limits of the education they were receiving at home and school. In response, I initiated a search for information with educational professionals from Japan and the U.S.

We sought and developed materials and instructional methods that would be effective for students in every level.

After extensive research and work, we formulated a complete, comprehensive and systematic program. This program has now been in practice since 1980. During this time, we have taught thousands of students and have enhanced our materials and methods. We began with a math program designed so that students learn not only basic computation but also concepts in fractions, measurement, time, money, place value, geometry, and algebra. We have also developed a language arts curriculum, which includes instruction in reading comprehension, writing as a process, isolated grammar exercises, phonics, and vocabulary development.

I believe MAC-System caters to the needs of every student, and has been successful for the following reasons:

1. Over 50,000 materials cover basic skills to complex applications;

2. Students meet once a week for a one-to-one instruction (average 60-90 minutes.);

3. Each student’s curriculum is designed to meet his/her specific needs;

4. Daily Homework, which averages 30minutes/day, leads to student synthesis and application;

5. Student assessments assure comfortable advancement;

6. Quarterly progress exams give students the personal incentive to work towards achievement;

7. Quarterly parent-teacher conferences enable parents to evaluate student growth, and with teacher and student, set new goals.

Our program also constantly seeks to include teaching methods and assessments that other educators deem effective and productive. It is our hope that MAC members, whether they are on-track, at-risk, or advanced, enrich and broaden their performance in school, the work place, and daily life.

It is also my wish to have as many educators all over the world, who share the principles of MAC-System, to join our mission to educate the young ones with the best methods and materials we can provide.

I hope this web site will inform you of our unique programs, dedicated instructors, and annual events.

Thank you,

Sincerely Rev. Keiko Kikekawa – Co-Founder