Our after school enrichment programs have produced countless success stories. Here are a few testimonials from past students.

Taizo writes:  Mac-System helped me so much with my essay-writing and grammar. I used to feel that writing persuasive essays was difficult, but my teachers patiently taught me how I could make my essay more agreeable.  Furthermore, my grammar improved greatly over the course. Mac-System also helped me with pre-algebra and algebra I.  Since I was already familiar with the concepts, I didn’t have any trouble with my math at school.  The teachers are really nice and they explain the concepts clearly and thoroughly until I understand them.

Letter From a student

Aaron Yamagata sent us a letter with a beautiful picture. Aaron had participated in our Summer School and Honors’ Championship Tests for two years in a row!

Dear Mac-System,

I was very proud to be a part of the MAC HONORS’ Championship tests for the second year. Each time I take the test, I learn new things. I think that everyone who participates is a winner, if they learn from their mistakes and improve. Thank you again for this valuable experience.

Aaron Yamagata (1st grade)


Letter From a parent

Dear Mac-System,

As a parent, I am always concerned that my child is in a happy and enriching environment, The MAC-System has consistently provided that atmosphere for my son.  All of the teachers are excellent and care about each and every student. Aaron joyfully attends your system because the work challenges him to think, rather than just memorize. Also, the friendships he has made with other MAC students of all ages will enrich his life for years to come. Thank you so much, MAC-System, for being an indispensable part of my son’s education.

Didi Yamagata