• Inside MAC’s classrooms

    MAC-System emphasizes the individuality of each and every student. Each student is different in abilities, personality, and pacing. MAC-System uses one-on-one style instruction, with instructiors catering to the different needs of each student.

    Unlike the classroom teaching that students receive at most schools, this program runs more like private tutorial sessions.  In addition to the attention received from the instructors, each student has a special regimen of curriculum, which is designed around his or her specific weakness and strengths:

    • Students attend class on a weekly basis

    • Instructors examine the weeks work and progress

    • Class time is used for instructors to work with students on specific problems or concepts

    • Appropriate assignments are received by the student, expecting completion by the next class

    Students must correct their mistakes and understand why they made the mistake. Homework assignments are a crucial part of the program. Many concepts can be learned and forgotten fairly quickly. Doing the homework ensures mastery of concepts and skills.

    The Classroom environment has been designed to be:

    • Productive

    • Individual

    • Efficient

    • Comfortable

    Additionally, we provide the same attention, assignments, and materials for remote learners as well.