Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need any teaching experience (or a teacher’s credential) to join MAC-System?

No. You are eligible to join MAC-System without any teaching experience. MAC-System will provide you with the necessary training to become a qualified instructor, according to its training program. However, we do require the candidate to have a BS or BA degree.

Q: What is an independent Co-op Teacher/Instructor?

MAC-System Independent Co-op teacher/Instructor is a teacher certified by MAC-System Institute of Education, who provides educational services, such as math and English tutoring, to MAC Members at a MAC-System learning center that he/she operates independently.

Q: How much do I need to invest to start a MAC-System learning center?

The initial expense required upon signing the contract is $3,500. This amount will allow you to go through the standard 50hr training and open a center once a week on a weekday. Facility rental, classroom furniture & supplies, advertising, liability insurance, and all the costs required to operate the learning center will be the instructor’s responsibility.

Q: What is the Co-op Fee Structure?

The Co-op Fee is based on the Gross monthly income of the instructor. The base structure is 35% to MAC-System headquarters and 65% to Co-op Teacher. As the monthly gross income increases, the percentage to the Co-op Teacher increases. The maximum percentage to a Co-op teacher is 80%. For more details on Co-op fees, please contact a representative.

Q: What kind of support will be provided by MAC-System Headquarters?

MAC-System Headquarters provide Co-op Teachers with necessary materials and forms, student binders, and all other materials necessary to instruct and manage MAC-System members with a nominal handling fee. Headquarters will provide promotional materials and advertising opportunities through local or national newspapers, magazines, television and internet exposure.

Q: How does the Co-op Teacher recruit students?

Co-op Teachers can recruit students by advertising, by distributing flyers via direct mail or through school rosters, by referral campaigns directed by headquarters, or simply by recruiting friends and family. Headquarters will provide predetermined campaign materials, flyers, brochures/pamphlets, and advertising support. For additional information, please contact a MAC-System representative.