MAC-System Boosts Brothers
(Excerpt from LA Parent Magazine)

It all started when Winnie Chan caught her two sons counting with their fingers "They were using their fingers to do math," Mrs. Chan said. "To me, that's not right."

Her concern led her to the MAC-System education experts for help. She and her husband, Fei Chan, were so happy with the results that brothers Evan and Carney continued to study with the MAC-System for more than 10 years.

Evan has been with MAC since kindergarten and will enter his junior year at Schurr High School in Montebello this fall. Carney, with MAC since the second grade, had just graduated from Schurr as salutatorian. He will enter the University of Southern California on full scholarship in an undergraduate pre-med program.

To list just a few of their many academic honors, Carney Chan has been awarded the Golden State Diploma Seal; the Golden State Exam Achievement Award; and the Governor's Distinguished Mathematics and Science Award. He is also a National Merit Scholar, and AP Scholar with Distinction. Evan has been awarded the California Governor's Scholar Award; the United States Achievement Academy Winner (for mathematics); the Certificate of Distinction in American Mathematic Competition.

But they are not limited to merely academic achievements. Both play the piano and violin, both are scholar athletes and both are involved in service clubs, including the Key Club and Interact.

After Mrs. Chan made her half-joke about her sons counting with their fingers, she went on to say that MAC is not just for those challenged at math, but also those who want to master it.

"MAC provides good basic skills so they have no problem at any grade level," she said. "Once you have a good foundation, you can handle anything in the future."

The boys think about the last 10 years with the MAC-System and agree that all the hard work has paid off.

"[MAC] has done a lot for me," said Carney, adding that the MAC-System taught him material from two grade levels ahead. "MAC taught me responsibility and discipline. You have to try your best on every single assignment."

Evan recalled once having to complete 18 pages of math homework for MAC before Saturday morning. "Though it was a nightmare when I was little, it taught me that I had responsibilities to fulfill." Evan said.

"They don't worry," Chan said. "They have confidence. That's the most important thing in education."